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    Rice Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , Chongqing is "Made in Chongqing 100 Manchester Tool Co. " comes from the development , is a product development and manufacturing of innovative hardware -based enterprises . The company mainly producing and selling kitchen knives , kitchen utensils, ceramic knife and a series of household hardware products , and has import and export right. Founded in January 2008 , now has " Royce (ls)" " BEST " " Millennium Dragon Water" " BES special" , " foot " brand trademark five twenty three patents , production plant more than 3,000 square feet rice , production and marketing staff of more than 130 people.

    Royce hardware in recent years through the development and integration of assets , the company has mastered the manufacturing of metal cutting tools and advanced management experience and production technology, using existing and newly introduced newer, better equipment, technical personnel , has a complete set of outputs high-quality hand-forged knife blades, ceramic knives, craft knives and other products supplied to customers . The company's products on the market, including " Lucky Sambo " "In the Mood for Love ," "family ," " a better life" , " kitchen treasure " " Pretty Woman ," " all the best " and other kitchen products are subject to the new and old customers love and praise, many Dazu Rock Carvings travel to guests are admiring to make a purchase , in addition to buying their own use , but many tourists also buy back as a gift to a friend of a good gift . In recent years, due to the stability of the company's product quality and after-sales service , to obtain a good market reputation and social repercussions , and promote our company in Chongqing and the surrounding area has gradually increased influence , which the company has also become a hardware tool industry in western China one highly competitive private enterprises.

    Rice Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Chongqing Dazu Dragon Water Technology Park as a base, adhering to the " culture of mining" and "technological innovation" strategy of development , "the technology is changing life " corporate philosophy , the use of new high-tech materials, for the community devote more beautiful, more secure, more sharp, more humane, in line with the twenty-first requirement of modern kitchen knives and other metal products, is Les hardware is the goal .

Rice Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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